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(Green splatter vinyl)
$45 Shipped in USA

Original Joyful Noise "VIP Edition" (green splatter vinyl) with handmade covers limited edition of 50.
50 copies in total!

+++SOLD OUT+++



+++SOLD OUT+++

A couple of months ago I got word that a box containing 50 "VIP edition" copies of Spooky Action on  GREEN SPLATTER vinyl had been discovered in the Joyful Noise warehouse with no covers... Rather than let them languish, I decided to take matters into my own hands and fabricate some covers for them D.I.Y. style. 40 of the copies are ready to go, the remaining 10 will be ready soon.

Joyful Noise "Almost Live" Series 7"
$25 Shipped in USA

JN/Almost Live "Superstitious"
Only 20 copies available.

This is the recording of "Superstitious" I made for the Joyful Noise "Almost Live" 7" series when we got to Indianapolis on our house tour. In our case it was "Totally Live"! :)

Despite my voice being really raw, it turned out great. I mixed it at Jakerock Immobile Unit and they did a beautiful picture disk on one side and pressed 1000 copies only meant to ever be available to members of Joyful Noise V.I.P. club....

Spooky Action T-Shirt
$25 Shipped

Black shirt / yellow ink MEDIUM

Black shirt / yellow ink XL


Spooky Action T-Shirt
$25 Shipped

Blue shirt / black ink SMALL

Blue shirt / black ink LARGE

Blue shirt / black ink XL


Spooky Action T-Shirt
$25 Shipped

Green shirt / white ink MEDIUM

Green shirt / white ink XL

Spooky Action LP
$20 shipped
download code included!

Black vinyl

Spooky Action CD
$13 shipped
download code included!

Machinery 7"
download code included!
Limited quantity available on RED VINYL.

Debut single from the album "Spooky Action" on  Joyful Noise Records.
Side A = Catchy album track
Side B = Wicked crazy live version of an unrecorded oldie called "Infidel" Featuring Bob D'Amico on drums and Kevin Mazzarelli on the bass.

$10 Machinery 7" BLACK VINYL (+$3 Shipping)

$10 Machinery 7" RED VINYL (+$3 Shipping)


Sebadoh III Deluxe Reissue (domino)

Sebadoh III Deluxe Reissue
(Remastered 2 CD set)

Sebadoh III Deluxe Reissue (Domino) $12+$4 Shipping